M-Root DNS Server M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET started its operational in Aug 1997 in Tokyo, JAPAN by WIDE Project. It was the only Root DNS Server operational in the west of the Pacific Ocean until Jan 2002 when global anycast is started to deploy in the Root DNS servers. Our service IP addresses are and 2001:dc3::35 respectively, and the routing information covering these addresses is announced from AS7500 regardless of the versions of IP. M-Root has been offering IPv6 service since February in 2008, and currently all M-Root anycast clusters offering IPv6 services.

Currently M-Root server is operated jointly by WIDE Project and Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS), a company running .JP ccTLD registry, under responsibility of WIDE Project.

Each cluster of M-Root server system consists of a few active servers for enhancing performance and redundancy.

ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) has published RSSAC001, which describes service expectations of Root Servers. This document describes the status of how M-Root server meets the each item of expectations stated in RSSAC001.

M-Root is currently using BIND Version 9 developed by Internet Systems Consortium. DNS software and operating system is selected based on functionality, stability, performance, diversity in ithe Root DNS servers system, and other factors.

Following traffic information includes queries over the all M-Root clusters. The time is represented in JST (UTC+09), and drawing is delayed by several hours. Blue lines indicate the inbound traffic while green areas indicate the outbound traffic.

Recent activities related to M-Root are in News page.

M Root DNS servers in Japan are connected to DIX-IE/NSPIXP-3 operated by WIDE Project, JPIX Tokyo and JPIX Osaka operated by JPIX, and JPNAP Tokyo and JPNAP Osaka operated by Internet Multifeed.

M Root DNS Server in Seoul, Korea has been operational since Jul. 21, 2004. It has been supported extensively by KINX, Korea Internet Neutral eXchange.

M Root DNS Server in Paris, France has been operational since Sep. 1, 2004. It has been supported extensively by Telehouse France, Renater, France-IX, France Telecom, and TISCALI.

APNIC funded M-Root instance in Brisbane, Australia, which has been operational since December 16, 2020. APNIC has a program to encourage Root DNS servers in its region, and M-Root has signed MoU with APNIC in Auguest 2020, and the Brisbane node is the first instance based on this MoU. Additional instances will be available shortly.

APNIC also supports following instances: