M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET has been operational since Aug 1997 in Tokyo, JAPAN by WIDE Project. It was the only Root DNS Server operational in the west of the Pacific Ocean until Jan 2002 and large number of DNS servers especially in Asia-Pacific region are sending queries to M-Root. There are anycast servers of M-Root in Seoul, Korea, Paris, France, and San Francscio, United States. It is one of the 7 Root DNS servers offering service in IPv6 as well as in IPv4.

Currently M-Root server is operated jointly by WIDE Project and JPRS, a company running .JP ccTLD registry, under responsibility of WIDE Project.

An AS112 Server is also operated by WIDE Project.

WIDE Project, as the operator of the root nameserver "M", recognizes the following organizations as current root nameserver operators and endeavors to coordinate operational service with them.

The server system consists of two active servers with two hot stand-by backup servers. These servers are connected to three independent major internet exchanges -- DIX-IE (formar NSPIXP-2), JPIX, and JPNAP. Number of ISPs are peering with M-Root and some of them are providing free transit service for M-Root. This configuration provides no single point of failure except for the highly reliable power supply system (with battery and generator in the case of outage of the commercial power supply) of the datacenter where the server system is colocated.

Effective on 1705 UTC of February 4th, 2008, the IPv6 service of M-Root DNS server started with its address 2001:dc3::35. The IPv6 services is offered by every M-Root instance except one in Seoul. The traffic density of IPv6 queries are slightly below 1% of entire inbound traffic.

Following traffic information includes queries over the all M-Root instances. The time is represented in JST (GMT+09), and drawing is delayed for several hours. Blue lines indicate the inbound traffic while green areas indicate the outbound traffic.

M Root DNS Server in Seoul, Korea has been operational since July 21st, 2004. It has been supported extensively by KINX, Korea Internet Neutral eXchange. More information is coming shortly.

M Root DNS Server in Paris, France has been operational since September 1st, 2004. It has been supported extensively by Renater, France Telecom, and TISCALI.